Elemental Cleanser by Terra Tonics
Elemental Cleanser by Terra Tonics
Elemental Cleanser by Terra Tonics
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Elemental Cleanser by Terra Tonics

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Elemental Cleanser is a lightweight, undiluted powder to foam cleanser. Offering your skin only potent active ingredients.

This high antioxidant blend of organic adaptogens, botanicals and minerals purifies your skin. Absorbing toxins and free radicals all whilst nourishing and repairing.

Leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh, smooth and rejuvenated.

It also doubles as an all-natural makeup remover.  

Combine with Clean Collagen to create a powerful 2 step skincare ritual for glowing skin.

Each jar contains a 1 month supply.



Removes Pollutants
Anti Ageing
Balances Dry Skin
Removes Excess Oil
Protects Skin Barrier
Clears Pores
Helps Clear Acne


White Australian Kaolin Clay
Organic Coconut Powder
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (Coconut Cleansing Agent)
Organic Aloe Vera Powder
Organic Purple Corn Powder
Organic Sсhіzаndrа Bеrrу Powder
Organic Cinnamon
Organic Vanilla
Organic Lemon Oil
How To Use
Use 1/2 tsp of powder into your palm, wet the other hand fully. Rub both palms together to create a creamy & foamy consistency. Add more water as desired.

Gently massage over face, neck and décolletage in small circular movements.

Leave on for 1 minute in the morning & up to 2-3 minutes in the evening for a deeper more nourishing cleanse.

Rinse with water and follow with Clean Collagen